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Shared Cockpit on VATSIM
« on: November 17, 2013, 05:56:11 PM »
VATSIM is a wonderful labor of love to coordinate between those that like to simulate ATC and those that like to simulate flight in a realistic environment.  The staff and membership are populated with many real world pilots and controllers and the level of training for the controllers is of the highest professional standard.
The closest one will com to flying in the real world from a desktop is on VATSIM.  On a good day you can fly from one point to another under positive control from ATC, avoid traffic incursions, divert or hold your station waiting your turn.  It can be intense but it is extremely rewarding.
The one thing to keep in mind is when using a shared cockpit you MUST use identical airframes. In JPATS you must have the Advanced T-6 and we will both use the multiplayer for dual time.  In the intermediate and advanced phases, that is not so important as we will be joining VATSIM separately.
See you Online - Kyle
From VATSIM's Pilot Resource Center Wiki...
Setting up the Host Side in FSX
Click on "Multiplayer"
This takes you to the "MULTIPLAYER > Sign In" menu
From this menu select "Local network (LAN)"
Click on "Sign In"
This takes you to the "MULTIPLAYER> Lobby" menu
Click on "Host a Session"
This takes you to the "Multiplayer> Session Information" menu
From here you setup Session name and any other special options you prefer (password is not required)
Click on "Next".
This takes you to the "MULTIPLAYER>Session Conditions". Here, you setup chose your aircraft, location and other conditions.
Note: There's a bug where some of the parameters might not take effect. If you choose a Gate, that won?t take effect. When you start the session it will take you to what Microsoft decides is the active runway. You?ll have to manually taxi to a gate before connecting to VATSIM.
Click on "Next"
This takes you to the "MULTIPLAYER>Host Options" menu. Chose your other preferences (check on the Advance Options also). Be sure to put a check mark in "Share my aircraft"
This is also where the option to enable voice communication to the copilot is set (see note below in "Tips" section)
Check the "Enable voice communication" box to allow voice between the pilot and copilot
Click on "Next".
This will take you to the "Briefing Room" menu
Click on "FLY NOW"
This will take you to the flight. Your plane will be on the active runway (a Microsoft Bug). You?ll have to taxi to a gate before you connect to VATSIM.
After you?ve taxied to a gate, you may continue to connect to VATSIM by clicking on the Add-ons> FSCopilot> Inn Control Panel > VATSIM
You'll have to give your IP to the pilot you want to join your session. You?ll both be in the same aircraft after your copilot joins.
Find my IP address∞

Setting up the Client (copilot) Side in FSX
Click on "Multiplayer"
This takes you to the "MULTIPLAYER>Sign In" menu
From this menu select "Local network (LAN)"
Type in the Player name you would like to use for this session
Click on "Sign in".
This takes you to the "MULTIPLAYER> Lobby" menu
Click on the "Connect Directly" Button
Type in the IP address of the host (the pilot)
Click on "Find Sessions"
This takes you to the "Multiplayer Session Conditions". (Don't select Share Aircraft)
Click on "OK"
This takes you to the Briefing Room.
Click on "Join Aircraft"
Click on "Join Session"
This takes you to the Cockpit of your host (the pilot's aircraft)

The captain will soon be alerted that the copilot is sharing the aircraft. At this point, only the captain has full control. The copilot can request full control by hitting "Shift-T" (the default request key) on the keyboard. Upon your request, the captain would be notified of the request and to hit "Shift-T" to transfer control to the copilot.

That completes the immediate Shared Cockpit setup.

Connecting to VATSIM
The next step is to connect the sessions to VATSIM. This is simple. The captain will connect as normal. Be sure to taxi to a gate before connecting to VATSIM. Either the captain or copilot may do the taxiing. There are tricks I?ll discuss later of how to get to gate using the Flight Planner feature.

During this initial setup, only the captain needs to connect to VATSIM. Because the two of you are in the same plane, you?ll both have the same visual of other online aircraft. The other pilots and Air Traffic Controllers will only see one plane representing the pilot and copilot. In this setup, only the pilot (captain), will be able to transmit and receive from the controllers.
If the copilot has control over the aircraft, the copilot can tune the radio for the captain but won?t be able to communicate directly with the controllers.

Configuring the Copilot to Communicate with the Controllers
FSInn has a feature to allow the copilot to connect to VATSIM and have full two way communications with ATC. This is a very important step in the process. If the copilot connected to VATSIM in the normal way, the server would have phantom aircraft. There would be two planes superimposed on each other as two targets on radar. To avoid this, the copilot will connect in a special way using a special version of the captain?s callsign.

The captain must log in normally
The copilot must log in using FSInn's observer mode.
This is found under Inn Control Panel --> General --> [check mark] Observer
The copilot call sign must be identical to the captain's with at least one extra letter or number after it.

Captain: KATT100
Copilot: KATT1002

To Avoid seeing duplication the copilot also has to disable the view of the captain's plane (Right Click on the alternate pilots plane in INN Plane). He doesn't have to see the captain's plane since they are both in the same plane.

The Copilot also has to disable MP (by clicking on the icon on the top left corner of the Inn Control Panel). This will fix the error of having VATSIM's traffic doubled.

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