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« on: April 26, 2015, 08:25:07 AM »
Hi, guys

I know we don't endorse or advertise any product in here but I think this, for those who care, is important.

As opposed to FSX, X-Plane doesn't automatically compute the position of the center of gravity as you load the plane. The big airliners do have algorithms that compute this automatically because they all have external loading applications. But GA airplanes (Carenado, Alabeo, etc.) lack this. That is why I started a mobile app project for Android that computes the CG value for any loading of any GA airplane that the virtual pilot wants to fly.

The app is called XPlaneCG and it can already be found on Google Play. The app embeds quite a bit of force momenta physics but the short story is like this: using scaled plans of the actual plane I measure the positions of the wheels, the seats, luggage compartment and fuel tanks; having these positions and the empty weight I can compute the default CG position; the pilot then adds people, luggage and fuel on the respective seats/load points and the app will compute the deviation in inches from that default CG. The pilot then can insert this value into the W&B page of X-Plane along with the payload and fuel values. He/she will then fly a more realistic airplane, behaviour-wise.

The app reached version 2 last week when I also added a fuel calculation module to it for all featured planes.


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