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FSInn Installation (updated Feb 6 '12 - EA)
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:30:36 PM »
FSInn up and running quick and easy (4 simple steps)

If you run into errors after the installation, please go to the link below for troubleshooting info

First I would like to mention that FSInn1.3 beta is very stable. It was waiting for the completion of the Weather installation which was dependent on the functionality of simconnect.

FS9 users can consider sticking with the older version 1.2. Neither FSX or Vista is supported under FSInn1.2.

FSInn1.3 has full support for both.

The upgrade will eliminate many problems from any Flight Simulator version. You will find the FSInn1.3 download at:\


Backup links in case the links above are down ... 3B2_3.html

To become more definitive with the install, numerous times I took a fresh machine and installed Flight Simulator (Both FS9 and FSX) and FSInn. I did this for:

Windows XP (both x32 and x64)
Windows Vista (both x32 and x64)
Windows 7 (x32 and x64)

if you dont have your flight simulator updates, here are the links
FS9 SP1 ... 8c4ab52aaf

FSX SP1 ... aae2f0409e

FSX SP2 ... 41a3e27ff0

Below are the steps. The installations worked perfectly the first time each time:

Install Flight Simulator, then install the appropriate service pack for the Flight Simulator version (FS9.1, FSX/SP1, FSX/SP2) on a fresh system.
Install FSCopilot 1.7 and FSinn 1.3. Run FSInnUI once from the Start menu to update .ocx registration. (Important to click Start -> FSFDT -> FSInnUI -> Chat).

(During the install, DO NOT make any changes or type anything in any of the fields. just click Next or ENTER, for both packages. )

2a. Vista (and Windows 7) Specific

Important Specifically for Vista (and Windows 7):

right click on the FSX.exe (or FS9.exe) program and set the compatible mode to Run as Administrator (by putting a check mark in the "Run as Administrator" option).

Very Important: DO NOT put any check marks in any of the FSInn modules.

(You can find Flight Simulator's install directory with  FindFS)

right click on the FSInnUI (the Inn Control Panel) from the start menu. Select "Run As Administrator" from the dropdown list (NOT from properties), then Click on Chat.

For Windows 7, the system has to be run from an account that is Administrator type (a Standard user will not work properly) This is changed from the Control Panel -> User Accounts - Change Your Account Type.

Start Flight Simulator, click on Add-on, Click on Inn Control Panel -> Set -> General -> Basic (Fill in your Call Sign, First Name, Last Name and Homebase Airport. Then Click Network -> VATSIM (type in your UserID, Password and a current server from the link [Vatsim Current List of Servers]).

The load servers button has now been fixed. you will need to download the installer from the post below which will fix the load servers button.


Click on the VATSIM button in the Inn Control Panel and connect to VATSIM.

That's it. Install is complete.

Take a look at a Flash Movie Connection Tutorial for connection details.

Configuring Sound (VATSIM Voice and PTT/Push To Talk):
While running Flight Simlator, bring up the FSFDT Control Panel. It's the icon in the tasktray that looks like a traffic light sign.

Click on Voice -> VATSIM (Choose your sound devices) -> Click on Volumes -> (Insure Sliders are to the right for more volume) Click on Key mappings -> (Choose your PTT for keyboard [and or joystick button])

Note: This announcement will be updated periodically for grammar and clarity.

Original instructions by:

L. D. James
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