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VFR LROP to LRBS on adverse weather
« on: March 29, 2015, 07:25:17 AM »
Hi guys,

here are some screens from my recent VFR between Henri Coanda to Baneasa. The "weapon of choice" was the C172 (Carenado).

Taking off from 26R. Two passengers on board adding up to 350 lbs payload and about 2 hours of fuel.

Raining over Henri Coanda. The wind is actually quite calm.

Because I'm VFR in an uncontrolled airspace (no ATC online), I have to keep away from the clouds and always have the ground in sight.

Keeping it at the limit of the OVC020 published in the METAR.

Even though visibility is not that bad (though it is reduced), I keep redundancy by tuning my radio navigation equipment to known nav-aids (I am IFR rated :D). NAV1 is tuned to the ILS for rwy 25 at LRBS, my landing runway. NAV2 was tuned to OPT-VOR so if I get lost I can retry by going back to this VOR station. ADF is tuned to the BSE NDB which is a beacon on the normal approach.

Looking for LRBS.

Still looking for LRBS but at least now I'm on the localizer.

THERE IT IS! Final 25, runway in sight.

Flaps full, on profile, runway empty...landing.

Taxi to apron.

My plan (red line) was to take off go North for a little while then go East and intercept the from 000 course inbound OPT-VOR. While going to OPT-VOR, I would intercept the localizer for rwy 25 at LRBS. Yes, I know it is a little bit heavy on radio navigation, but when I saw the METAR I thought the visibility was going to be very poor. The real flight (green line) went quite a bit shorter because in the air I've realized how slow the C172 is :D. But it's OK, it was VFR.


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