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Lancair Legacy FG
« on: September 29, 2014, 10:42:59 AM »

Hello, hello

About a week ago I bought the Lancair Legacy FG from Aerobask and wanted to share the experience with you guys.

The Lancair Legacy is a home-made kit (you get the parts and you build the plane). You can choose the avionics so there are no two same Legacy's in the world. It is a tandem two seater and it is perfect for training.

Engine: Lycoming IO-390 4 cyllinder, 210 hp
Propeller: 2-blade constant speed (perfect to learn flying with a variable pitch propeller; the Cessna 172 lacks this)
Range: about 934 Nm
Ceiling: 18000 ft
Cruise speed: 185 KTAS at normal cruise altitude (8000 ft)
Avionics: EFIS - Dynon D100, EIS - JPI EDM 930, Transponder - Garmin GTX330, Radio - Garmin SL30, Autopilot - Dynon AP74, GPS/NAV - Garmin GNS530

All avionics respect the real world counterparts as is the flying model. But the star is the GPS navigation unit GNS530. This unit was possible with the arrival of X-Plane 10.30 version and it reproduces the functionality of the real thing perfectly. This is why one can also fly IFR flights with precise procedural navigation (SIDs and STARs with VNAV capabilities). I've also spend a little time to see the differences between the real GNS530 (Garmin doesn't produce these anymore but they are still sold). The differences are only in the lack of some pages that are not simulated because you really don't need them in normal flight simulators (e.g. the Satellite page which is for estimating the GPS error and view the satellite arrangement - not needed because we have perfect GPS in the simulators; fuel page which is for manually inserting the fuel quantity in the GNS to make range and time estimation - not needed because this is inserted automatically when you load fuel).

The plane can also sustain 4.4 Gs positive and 2.2 Gs negative so it can be loads of fun :D. The only drawback that you'll have to get used to is the fact that it has no cross-fuel valve so the pilot needs to change the fuel source (left tank, right tank) every 25 minutes to keep the plane in equilibrium. The rest is all perfect, and it even has two electrical fuel pumps (low pressure and high pressure) to keep the engine fed even if you're jinking the stick like in a F-16 :D.

It is loads of fun and while you're doing a longer flight, you can spend time learning the GNS530 ;). Have fun!

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Re: Lancair Legacy FG
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2014, 12:11:32 PM »
Man, there is not a day passing without hearing about a great addon for Xplane 10.

Thanks for your review Adrian.


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