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Air Danubius Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
« on: October 01, 2014, 06:00:43 PM »
1) New to Flight Simulator / Virtual Airlines
1.1) What is Flight Simulator?
Microsoft flight simulator is a simulation program for Microsoft Windows.
It allows you to pilot a whole variety of past & present aircraft in a realistic flight environment

1.2) What is a Virtual Airline?
A virtual airline (VA) is an online organisation of flight simulator enthusiasts flying together in one community under one name.
The idea is to make your flight simulator experience more realistic and enjoyable.

A virtual airline aims to mirror the operations of a real airline.

1.3) Why fly with a Virtual Airline?
Flying with a virtual airline gives you a new dimension and purpose to flying in flight simulator.
When you are flying in flight simulator, being part of a virtual airline gives you the realistic feeling that you are operating that flight in a Air Danubius aircraft for a reason.

You are operating a flight from an airline's timetable rather than just flying the flight because you feel like it, thereby increasing the realism of your virtual flying experience.

It provides you with an opportunity to meet and fly with like minded enthusiastic people passionate about flight simulator.

1.4) Does it cost anything to join?
Virtual airlines that charge are simply ways for the owners to make a quick buck out of other people's hobbies.
At Air Danubius we feel that flight simulation is a hobby that should be enjoyed with as many other people as possible, both in terms of in the air and also the community aspect.

1.5) What do I need to join?
A legal, working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/FSX or X Plane.
We do not encourage piracy of any simulations software, and we are against it.

An Internet Connection and a valid email address.

Ideally a joystick or a flight yoke, otherwise you'll find it hard landing a Boeing / Airbus with your keyboard!

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2) New Member FAQ
2.1) Ranks
All pilots start as a VAPPL Pilot.
Our aircraft are organised in categories VAPPL to VATPL+

Your rank is determined by your total flying hours. As your hours increase, your rank increases, as does the choice of aircraft and routes to fly.

More information Ranks Page

2.2) How often do I need to fly in order to remain active?
You need to file one PIREP per month in order to remain active. Our system automatically deletes accounts which have been inactive for one month.
2.3) Do you allow pilots to go on leave?
Pilots are permitted 120 days of leave per year.

The limit is there to ensure people do not abuse the system.

Requests for extended leave can be made.

Pilots with zero hours are not able to go on leave.

2.4) Do I have to fly online?
You can fly online or offline, the choice is yours.
2.5) How old to I have to be to join?
You must be aged 13 years or older to join.
2.6) Do I BID which flights I fly?
You search and book the flights you want to fly.

The flights available to book depend on your rank which determines which aircraft you are able to fly.

Your rank increases as your total hours increase.

2.7) Do I have to fly flights at the exact time stated on the schedules?
You can fly flights at any time of the day.
We do ask that you fly the flights on the days specified.

For example you cannot fly a flight that only operates Monday - Friday on a Saturday or Sunday.

If you want to be more realistic, you can fly flights at the times specified on the schedule.

The other option is to set your flight simulator 'world time' to coincide with the times specified on the schedule you can chose Air Danubius Career Mode.

2.8) Can I transfer hours from previous VA's?
Previous hours from other virtual airlines can be transferred to Air Danubius.
These hours will not count towards your Air Danubius rank or total hours.

They will display as transferred hours on your public pilot profile.

2.9) Why do I have to start as a VAPPL Pilot in training even though I have many hours with another VA?
All new members to Air Danubius start with 0 hours regardless of your previous skills, ability or experience.
You can transfer hours from previous virtual airlines and these will display on your public pilot profile, but will not count towards your Air Danubius rank.

We believe it is only fair that everyone who joins Air Danubius should start at the same place and work their way up the ranks.

2.10) What is the maximum admited landing rate ?
-700 fps
Air danubius will accept 5 over maximum(-700) landing rate until your report will be REJECTED in 30 days


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Re: Air Danubius Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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I changed the message to be more understanding


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Re: Air Danubius Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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It's a topic that's great. I want this one !!!


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