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Pax discrepancy
« on: September 30, 2014, 06:49:49 AM »
Hi guys,

wanted to let you know about a little trick that I employ when the pax configuration on a plane doesn't match the flight requirement. Maybe all of you use this method but it's best to put it on "paper".

Let's say you have to do a flight with a B737 and ACARS says you have to take on 135 pax. But you want to do the flight with an Embraer 195 (you may not have the B737 or the A320 in your simulator fleet). The problem arise when you put the pax in. The E195 can only carry 122 pax and you need to accomodate 135. The remaining 13 pax can be loaded as cargo in the cargo bay.

So you fill up the cabin with 122 people and their luggage and then add the extra 13 pax turned into cargo. For this we will consider the extra 13 people weighting an average of 75 kgs (you can choose your own average but I weight 60 kgs so for me 75 seems OK) and then add their luggage (15-20 kgs per person). So you'll need to add 13x90 = 1170 kgs (2579 lbs) in your cargo bay as extra cargo above the already existing luggage from the 122 pax. If the plane can't take the extra load, then it is not good for the flight.

Hope this helps make your flying experience a little more exciting (heavy flights are more challenging).


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