EPWA to EVRA and from EVRA to EPWA On 05/07 (Saturday) at about 17:00


Bogdan Ghincea:
On 05/07 (Saturday) at about 17:00 UTC Piotrek (STK102), Wojtek (STK103) and me (STK107) want to make the flight from EPWA to EVRA and from EVRA to EPWA.

Yesterday I talked to the Latvia VACC and we can expect CTR and maybe TWR in Riga during our tomorrow approach and departure.

If you only want to join us, it will be great to fly with you.

Scenery and charts of EVRA you may find here:

Have a nice weekend to all!

If some of your pilots want to fly to EVRA from Romania tomorrow, of course may join us on the approach in EVRA :)

Best regards,


Bogdan Ghincea:
Latvian VAC discution:

Hi Mr. Gwiazdzinski,
Thank you for the heads up. As Aleksejs promised there will be at least two controllers to staff your departure/arrival, if the traffic intensity or the availability of controllers arises we will try to provide a full staff for you.

You and your pilots are also free to join our event on Sunday, 6th of July, as there will certainly be a full staff and more traffic.
I look forward seeing you in the Latvian skies!

Best regards, Kaspars Fogels

On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 12:03 PM, marcin.gwiazdzinski marcin.gwi azdzinski@> wrote:

Hello Mr. Fogels,
Yesterday I talked to Aleksiej Grocevs, but of course I'd like to let you know too.
Tomorrow about 17:00 UTC we are going to depart from EPWA and after about 1h flight make the approach to EVRA. Then we will depart from EVRA to EPWA.
The thing is that right now it's only confirmed that there will fly only 3 pilots of Starsky Airlines. Of course it's possible that there will be more pilots, especially as some of Starsky pilots may decide to fly + today morning I informed about this flight our friends from Air Danubius (Romania) and Air Hungaria VA (Hungary), but I cannot guarantee that there will be more than 3 pilots.

Nevertheless Aleksiej confirmed that there will be CTR and maybe TWR, which I'd like to thanks in advance for.
Best regards,
Marcin Gwiazdzinski
www.starsk y-airlines .pl


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