Friednship Flight to SPLIT (LDSP) from Timisoara 14.06.2014 17z


Bogdan Ghincea:

Air Danubius, B&H Airlines Virtual and Starsky Airlines have the pleasure to invite you to the FRIENDSHIP FLIGHT to SPLIT AIRPORT (LDSP) from Timișoara "Traian Vuia" International Airport (LRTR), Sarajevo International Airport (LQSA) and Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (LHBP).

On 14/06/2014 (Saturday) at about 17:00 UTC our VA pilots will ask for clearance from LRTR, LQSA and LHBP to LDSP and after about one-hour flight we hope to hear "cleared to land" in Split. Afterwards we will configure our aircrafts for return flight to our VA flight bases.

By courtesy of CROvACC all VATSIM pilots will be able to benefit from high-quality ATC by fully staffed LDSP and LDZO CTR. Probably we will also be able to count on ATC in our flight bases, from which we will fly to Split (LRTR, LQSA and LHBP).

Of course you are welcome to join us and fly to one of the most charming airports in this part of Europe!

You can find the scenery of Split for FSX here:

payware FSX:
freeware FSX:!vdhjgbiI!H2EVcRwGtCljgtTSWX1kMyv4g3967sgAYG_kgntw1nc

You can find the scenery of Split for FS2004 here:

payware FS2004:

freeware FS2004:

(FYI: in case of freeware FS2004 scenery do not forget about SPLITFIX.ZIP and LDSPFIX2.ZIP - mentioned in the link above)

The respective charts can be find here:

(free registration in EUROCONTROL EAD Basic)

See you in the air!

Air Danubius, B&H Airlines Virtual and Starsky Airlines


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