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vPilot is an application used to connect Microsoft Flight Simulator 10 (FSX) and Prepar3D to the VATSIM network

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, or 8.1
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
100 MB free disk space on the drive where application data and user documents are stored (usually C:)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Acceleration or Service Pack 2
 - and/or -
Lockheed Martin Prepar3D version 1.4 or 2.*
vPilot Download

Model Matching Rules

     Each rule has a CallsignPrefix, a TypeCode, and a ModelName. When a new aircraft is encountered while flying online, vPilot scans through all the rule sets you have installed,line by line, until it finds a match

   <ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="BAW" TypeCode="B733" ModelName="F1UT2_733.BA.BA" />

   For non-airline aircraft, such as general aviation aircraft, you can leave the CallsignPrefix blank, or omit it completely, in which case vPilot will match only based on the TypeCode value. For example, the following rule will match ANY C172, regardless of the callsign:


   <ModelMatchRule TypeCode="C172" ModelName="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP" />

   The Model Matching Tab

  "Model Matching" refers to the process by which vPilot selects which 3D model and texture to use when displaying other user's aircraft in FSX or Prepar3D while connected to VATSIM
   The vPilot web server has a set of rule sets available for most of the popular third-party AI traffic sets.
   To download rule sets go to apliaction settings in Model Matching. The files are downloaded to "My Documents\vPilot Files\Model Matching Rule Sets"
   Personally I recommend to download IVAO and My Traffic 3D rule.

   For IVAO texture: download IVAO aplication and install, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\IVAO\IvAp v2 execute mtl.exe as administrator and follow the instructions.
   You can locate the texture file  in SimObjects\IVAO_MTL and you need 4,9 Gb space on hard drive.
   Open with notepad ++ fsx.cfg or prepar3d.cfg file located in C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX or C:\Users\*****\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 and and make sure you have wrote this:  SimObjectPaths.9=SimObjects\IVAO_MTL and MyTrafficPaths.10=MyTraffic\Aircraft

Prepar3D 2.5 SimObjects.cfg located here: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2 ... they are no longer in the Prepar3d.cfg.

Entries are as follows:

    If you want to youse  My Traffic 3D textures you have to buy the software!

 Rule and texture for Air Danubius fleet will be added very soon! 

Rule DBX for Ivao texture download   B736, B737,B738, B739, A319, A320, B73B, B744, B767, B146, PA28, B772, C206, B757, MD11

Installation instructions:

1. Download and copy dbx.vmr file in "C:\Users\****\Documents\vPilot Files\Model Matching Rule Sets"
2. Open vPilot aplication, go to Setting - Model Matching - Add Custom File - select dbx.vmr file and open - Apply - OK

Video Tutorial:

Matching Rules: Download
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Re: vPilot
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Re: vPilot
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ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix DBX

Must have:

1. My Traffic3d
2. Aerosoft Airbus 320/321, 318/319 - Plane + Texture AirDanubius
3. BONANZA A36 - Plane + Texture AirDanubius
4. MJC8Q400 - Plane + Texture AirDanubius
5.RealAir Beech Duke Turbine - Plane

<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A320" ModelName="Airbus A320 Danubius" />
<ModelMatchRule TypeCode="BE60" ModelName="RealAir Beech Duke Turbine V2 DNSYR" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A318" ModelName="Airbus A318 Danubius YR-RAL" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B737" ModelName="Boeing 737 NyPaint02" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B738" ModelName="Boeing 738 NyPaint03" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A36" ModelName="BONANZA A36 Air Danubius Club" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="DH8D" ModelName="MJC8Q400_DBX" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A319" ModelName="A319 MyPaint02" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A321" ModelName="Airbus A320 Danubius" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A332" ModelName="A330-200 Mypaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A333" ModelName="A330-Mypaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="A346" ModelName="A346-MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="AT72" ModelName="MJC8Q400_DBX" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="BE35" ModelName="BONANZA A36 Air Danubius Club" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B73B" ModelName="Boeing 737 NyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B733" ModelName="B733 NYPAINT01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B734" ModelName="B734 NYPAINT01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B736" ModelName="Boeing 736 MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B737" ModelName="Boeing 737 NyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B738" ModelName="Boeing 738 NyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B744" ModelName="Boeing 747-400 MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B752" ModelName="B757-200 MyPaint22" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B763" ModelName="B767-300 MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B772" ModelName="B772_MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B773" ModelName="B773_MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B146" ModelName="BAe1462_MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="C206" ModelName="BONANZA A36 Air Danubius Club" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="D8Q4" ModelName="MJC8Q400_DBX" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="E170" ModelName="E170-MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="E50P" ModelName="Airbus A318 Danubius YR-RAL" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="MD11" ModelName="MD11-MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="MD81" ModelName="MD83_MyPaint01" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="PA34" ModelName="RealAir Beech Duke Turbine V2 DNSYR" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="PA28" ModelName="BONANZA A36 Air Danubius Club" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="C182" ModelName="BONANZA A36 Air Danubius Club" />
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Re: vPilot
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Ivao texture for Air Danubius B737

Download Texture.DBX   COPY/PASTE in IVAO_MTL\IVAO_B738

Put in  aircraft.cfg from  IVAO_MTL\IVAO_B738

description=LOD1 polygons: 60\nLOD9 polygons: 2457\n
ui_variation=Air Tarraco (winglets) (DBX)

ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix DBX

<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B738" ModelName="B738DBX" />
<ModelMatchRule CallsignPrefix="DBX" TypeCode="B737" ModelName="B738DBX" />


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