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« on: June 03, 2016, 01:35:43 PM »

VATIL and ROVACC invite you to fly between LLBG and LROP on 4th June 2016. Fly between the two airports between 1600z and 2000z and expect full ATC coverage for the entire event.

As an added bonus, any person who flies between LLBG and LROP, as well as any ATC during the event will be entered into a random draw to win one of three copies of the new payware AflOSim LROP scenery!

Event Details:
Name: Tel Aviv - Bucharest City Shuttle
Time: 1600Z to 2000Z
Date: 04 June 2016
Day: Saturday

General Discussion / Intalnire Bucuresti 2 Aprilie 2016 - detalii
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:33:21 PM »
Detalii ale evenimentul Down the Danube 5 care va avea loc pe data de 2APR2016.

Orar :  1700z - 2200z Local Time +3

Intalnire : McDonals din apropriere, ora 18:00, dupa care ne vom indrepta spre locatia jos mentionata, unde  vom controla impreuna la eventul Down the Danube  5 organizat cu ocazia implinirii a 5 ani de activitate a companiei virtuale Air Danubius

Locatie : Sediul DHB Bucuresti din strada Strada Buzești 52 (langa Facultatea de Inginere Aerospatiala)   
Link google :

Aici aveti datele de contact :
Daniel Haineala       - 0747893794
Bogdan Ghincea      -0751022781
Radu Berbecaru      - 0729484752
Cornel Cumpanasu - 0723441664
Aur Bogdan Dragos- 0747383061
Catalin Ciobotaru - 0756096226
Artur                   -

Sala de conferinte 12/14 persoane

Conexiune la internet de mare viteza

Bauturi: apa, ceai si cafea



Servicii de receptie

Parcare subterana

Air Danubius HQ / Air Danubius Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
« on: October 01, 2014, 06:00:43 PM »
1) New to Flight Simulator / Virtual Airlines
1.1) What is Flight Simulator?
Microsoft flight simulator is a simulation program for Microsoft Windows.
It allows you to pilot a whole variety of past & present aircraft in a realistic flight environment

1.2) What is a Virtual Airline?
A virtual airline (VA) is an online organisation of flight simulator enthusiasts flying together in one community under one name.
The idea is to make your flight simulator experience more realistic and enjoyable.

A virtual airline aims to mirror the operations of a real airline.

1.3) Why fly with a Virtual Airline?
Flying with a virtual airline gives you a new dimension and purpose to flying in flight simulator.
When you are flying in flight simulator, being part of a virtual airline gives you the realistic feeling that you are operating that flight in a Air Danubius aircraft for a reason.

You are operating a flight from an airline's timetable rather than just flying the flight because you feel like it, thereby increasing the realism of your virtual flying experience.

It provides you with an opportunity to meet and fly with like minded enthusiastic people passionate about flight simulator.

1.4) Does it cost anything to join?
Virtual airlines that charge are simply ways for the owners to make a quick buck out of other people's hobbies.
At Air Danubius we feel that flight simulation is a hobby that should be enjoyed with as many other people as possible, both in terms of in the air and also the community aspect.

1.5) What do I need to join?
A legal, working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/FSX or X Plane.
We do not encourage piracy of any simulations software, and we are against it.

An Internet Connection and a valid email address.

Ideally a joystick or a flight yoke, otherwise you'll find it hard landing a Boeing / Airbus with your keyboard!

Back to top
2) New Member FAQ
2.1) Ranks
All pilots start as a VAPPL Pilot.
Our aircraft are organised in categories VAPPL to VATPL+

Your rank is determined by your total flying hours. As your hours increase, your rank increases, as does the choice of aircraft and routes to fly.

More information Ranks Page

2.2) How often do I need to fly in order to remain active?
You need to file one PIREP per month in order to remain active. Our system automatically deletes accounts which have been inactive for one month.
2.3) Do you allow pilots to go on leave?
Pilots are permitted 120 days of leave per year.

The limit is there to ensure people do not abuse the system.

Requests for extended leave can be made.

Pilots with zero hours are not able to go on leave.

2.4) Do I have to fly online?
You can fly online or offline, the choice is yours.
2.5) How old to I have to be to join?
You must be aged 13 years or older to join.
2.6) Do I BID which flights I fly?
You search and book the flights you want to fly.

The flights available to book depend on your rank which determines which aircraft you are able to fly.

Your rank increases as your total hours increase.

2.7) Do I have to fly flights at the exact time stated on the schedules?
You can fly flights at any time of the day.
We do ask that you fly the flights on the days specified.

For example you cannot fly a flight that only operates Monday - Friday on a Saturday or Sunday.

If you want to be more realistic, you can fly flights at the times specified on the schedule.

The other option is to set your flight simulator 'world time' to coincide with the times specified on the schedule you can chose Air Danubius Career Mode.

2.8) Can I transfer hours from previous VA's?
Previous hours from other virtual airlines can be transferred to Air Danubius.
These hours will not count towards your Air Danubius rank or total hours.

They will display as transferred hours on your public pilot profile.

2.9) Why do I have to start as a VAPPL Pilot in training even though I have many hours with another VA?
All new members to Air Danubius start with 0 hours regardless of your previous skills, ability or experience.
You can transfer hours from previous virtual airlines and these will display on your public pilot profile, but will not count towards your Air Danubius rank.

We believe it is only fair that everyone who joins Air Danubius should start at the same place and work their way up the ranks.

2.10) What is the maximum admited landing rate ?
-700 fps
Air danubius will accept 5 over maximum(-700) landing rate until your report will be REJECTED in 30 days


News / Air Danubius Journey mode is open
« on: September 09, 2014, 07:38:20 PM »
Dear Air Danubius pilots,
We are happy to present our pilots with a new type of flight for thous who cant commit to Career Mode but still want to fly and bring wealth and prosper for the company, the Journey Mode.
            In Journey Mode our pilots will be able to fly from our main hubs to most major airports around Europe, some Asian, North American, African and Middle Eastern are also available.
            We have three different type of Journey Mode flights, Domestic (Intern), Regional (Short flights in the country’s close to the main Hub) and Medium (Medium length flights across Europe and some North African, Middle Eastern and Asian locations)
            The pilots will be able to select the airport where they want to fly with the assigned company aircraft ex: B738 or B773, from the Flight Booking page on our website, once the destination has been reached the pilot is not forced to fly back, he can choose a new destination from the same Flight Booking page located in the Dispatch Office menu. The only thing our pilots have to keep in mind is that they cant change the type of airplane, for example, if the pilot took off with a B736 from LROP to LUKK once there he cant change hes aircraft to a B738 and fly to EDDM, he has to fly with the same type of aircraft until he reaches the main hub once there he can choose from the types of airplanes that are available.
            Lets say today I want to make a nice tour of Europe and and up in OMDB. My home hub is LROP so I’m going to jump in an B738 and fly to LXGB. Ohh how beautiful, the sun, the beach, the sea I wish I could stay here for longer but I have to go I just booked a flight to EDDT. Once in Germany I would enjoy some sausages, no beer, no alcohol beverages for pilots on duty. The day is coming close to an end and I still have another leg to do in order to reach my destination OMDB and is quite a long flight so I better get going. As you can see I was able to fly anywhere I wanted in Europe and finish in Dubai, there is no limit on where we can go as long as our aircraft can make it to the destination. Ohh and one more thing changing the type of aircraft in Kacars is big No No.
            When booking a flight for Journey Mode, the flight can be found using the DBX2XXX call sign assigned for LROP Hub and DBX3XXX respectively for EDDM Hub. The same call sign will be used as well on VATSIM NETWORK.
Pilot Journey Mode
On journey mode, only flight booking will allow the pilot to fly with company assigned aircrafts.
For starting the journey, the virtual pilot has to be located at one of Air Danubius’ departure airports.
There are three categories of flights when choosing the flights’ departure hub/airport: domestic (intern), regional (short-external flights) and medium (medium length flights across Europe).
When selecting the type of journey, there are certain aircrafts already assigned for each flight. Therefore, any pilot wishing to fly is requested to use only the aircraft already assigned for their type of flight (changing the typology of aircraft in kAcars with another one not being assigned for the selected flight is allowed only with aircrafts on same typology).
During the “journey”, the aircrafts’ typology and the category of flight will not suffer any changes made by the pilots, respecting the options already set for the selected flights.
In Journey Mode you will not receive any money from tickets and also you will pay for the fuel used for flights.
When booking a flight for Journey mode, the flight can be found using the DBX2xxx call sign assigned for LROP hub and DBX3xxxrespectively for EDDM hub. The same call sign will be used as well on VATSIM NETWORK.

For flights flown with Boeing you can select an Airbus from Charter fleet using the correspondence below:
Instead of Boeing B736 you can choose the Airbus A319
Instead of Boeing B737 you can choose the Airbus A320
Instead of Boeing B738 you can choose the Airbus A321
Attention! Pilot Journey Mode is still an Arcade mode only that here you have
the possibility to bid already registred flights from Air Danubius database.
Journey Domestic - LROP Hub
Route index from:  DBX2101 ... DBX2224
Boeing B736 you can choose the Airbus A319

Journey Domestic - EDDM Hub
Route index from:  DBX3101 ... DBX3259
Boeing B736 you can choose the Airbus A319

Journey Regional - LROP Hub
Route index from:  DBX2301 ... DBX2492
Boeing B73H you can choose the Airbus A320

Journey Regional - EDDM Hub
Route index from:  DBX3301 ... DBX3492
Boeing B73H you can choose the Airbus A320

Journey Medium - LROP Hub
Route index from:  DBX2701 ... DBX2820
Boeing B738 you can choose the Airbus A321

Journey Medium - EDDM Hub
Route index from:  DBX3701 ... DBX3820
Boeing B738 you can choose the Airbus A321

Journey Long - EDDM Hub
Route index from:  DBX3901 ... DBX3972
Boeing B744

Journey FREE Long - EDDM Hub
Route index from:  DBX4201 ... DBX4284
Boeing B744  you can choose the CONC

 Enjoy ! and Have Fun

Tours and Missions / Dangerous Flights Ep.2 Ferry Flight Tour
« on: August 30, 2014, 04:52:55 PM »

Welcome to our second ferry flight tour. Over the next 8 flights, you will be delivering a Beechcraft Bonanza F33A from Greensboro, NC, USA to a new owner in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The flights will take around 50 hours, across the continental USA and over the hot waters of the Caribbean and amazon forest.

Cory Bengtzen feels the stress of running a new aircraft delivery company when two of his pilots walk out on a job, With his company's reputation on the line, he has no choice but to deliver the plane himself. Join him and Randy McGehee as they play a deadly game of country hopscotch. Then climb into the cockpit with new pilots Kerry McCauley and Stu Sprung as they race against a tight deadline with a hurricane on their heels. For Cory and his team, these jobs feel more like kamikaze missions.



Cory’s new business runs into bad weather when his pilots walk off the job and he’s forced to take the controls. But that’s just half of Cory’s nightmare. He’s got two new pilots island hopping a Bonanza to Brazil with a hurricane on their tail. They’ll need a lot more than luck to tackle these odds.





Three long legs later, you find yourself breathing a sigh of relief as you land in Goiania, Brazil. 2 more legs to go, mostly over land, and you will reach your destination.



Air Danubius HQ / Open letter (BIDs in favour of Charters) 21.08.2014
« on: August 20, 2014, 09:17:47 PM »
Dear Air Danubius pilots,

I am happy to see how much you like flying with us, flying for our company. It is always a pleasure to see the high number of flights completed by the pilots of our company.

As you have seen already, there are charter flights as well as BIDs.

You are free to choose departure and destination airport as well as the aircrafts you want to navigate for the specific flights.
Whenever you are logged in to your account on website you can see that there is a list of flights not yet flown.
( When you access the list you might see that the flights you regularly like to pick are found there on the list.
To search and Add To BID a flight you can usse this link :   
I’ve seen that there were many flights performed by you in charter mode, being in fact the exact same flights that could be booked on the website from the flights list.
As we all showed that we care about the well-being of this company, I have a suggestion for you today. :
I wish that you may consider taking into account the flights in the list mentioned above and choose the BIDs in favour of the Chart flights whenever possible for the benefit of the company.
You would practically do exactly the same flights and you would at the same time help the company.
When you choose to select a flight, please have a look at the list of not yet flown flights and in the same line with the wanted flight, click on “Add to Bid”.
By doing this, when finalizing a trip you would bring an economic benefit to the company and the pilot himself.
Therefore, we want to decrease the charters to as few as possible and in the end to zero, as long as your desired flights already exist as BIDs, for the better functionality of the flights present on the website, and for bringing a profit to Air Danubius.
Thank you very much for reading this message and for considering the request for your incoming flights.
Safe and enjoy your time here at Air Danubius.
Bogdan D. Aur

VATSIM / [Weekly Friday 1800Z - 2100Z] Romania ONLINE Night
« on: August 14, 2014, 03:26:34 PM »

Air Danubius and ROvACC invite you to our regular online event, "Romania ONLINE Night".

Every Friday night, Buchartest LROP will be fully staffed as well as LRBB Control from 1800 to 2100Z, giving you a lot of time to fly more than one leg from/to and within Romania.

Please be familiar with the charts, particularly when flying to LROP.

You can check the Charts here
You can download Romanian Sceneries here

See you in the Romanian virtual airspace.

VATSIM / [13.08.14 1800Z]Grup Flight EDDH / EDDM
« on: August 13, 2014, 03:04:27 PM »
Hello , today you are invited to operate regional flight in Germany, with Air Danubius (DBX) from Hamburg to Munich


MODE :kACARS CHARTER , Callsing DBX(90+pilot ID) EX: DBX9041 = DBX041


EDDH(Hamburg) -> EDDM F.J.Strauss (Munich)


Flight Level : FL290 | FL310 | FL330 | FL350

VATSIM / [2014-08-01 | 1700-2300z] First Friday : Macedonia City Hop
« on: July 29, 2014, 06:26:25 AM »
Dear friends,

We are proud to present the New Monthly Event from MACvACC and AirMAK virtual.

On the first Friday of every month we will:
  • Provide full ATC coverage for the whole evening (17/1800z-2300z),
  • Put all of the AirMAK pilots in the air - expect some VFR flights too,
  • Join with partner VACCs to present you with at least one or two extra airports to fly with full ATC coverage,
  • Get more flights to/from Macedonia by our partner VAs.

Our first "First Friday" event is Macedonia City Hop:

FIRs / full ATC coverage:
  • Skopje FIR - LWSS - FYR Macedonia
  • Bucharest FIR - LRBB - Romania
  • Budapest FIR - LHCC - Hungary
  • Unconfirmed: Sofia FIR, Zagred FIR
Airports / full ATC coverage:
  • LWSK - Skopje - Alexander the Great
  • LWOH - Ohrid - St. Paule the Apostle
  • LROP - Bucharest - Henri Coand?
  • LHBP - Budapest - Ferenc Liszt
Additional info:
  • Event Date: 01 of August, 2014
  • Event Time: 1700z-2300z
  • No booking / slots
  • Charts & Scenery at MACvACC

We hope to see you fly with us on Friday evening!

p.s.1: Do not hesitate to ask for more info - whatever it is about - just send us an email at events[at] or dejan[at]

p.s.2: Please use Voice in communication with ATCs - if you have problem hearing what ATC tells you, or you are simply afraid of doing/saying something wrong, just put in the remark field of your flight plan that you are not fluent in English and ATCs will have that in mind! Check these Simple ATC communication transcripts (IFR short, VFR short) and you might feel more relaxed when you next time talk to the controller.

VATSIM / [2014-08-02 | 1400-2000z] Vienna RealOPS 2014
« on: July 26, 2014, 01:59:26 PM »

Dear Friends,

just in time at the 6th birthday of the VACC-Austria, one of our biggest events is comming back: Vienna RealOPS 2014

The Vienna Realops are unique in Austria. Vienna will be fully staffed, real callsigns in addition to real flight-times will be used with our slot system. All departures from Vienna will be equal to the actual real flights on that evening. Pilots can book the slots via our homepage before the event takes place.

When?02.08.2014 ? 14:00Z ? 2000z
Capital: Wien (Vienna/LOWW/VIE)

Where to book your slot? HERE

We kindly ask all pilots to familiarize themselves with all procedures of Vienna.

Charts, scenery and much more:

To book a slot you only have to enter your name and e-mail address. By booking a slot after the registration you are NOT an VACC-Austria member. Your data are only for the booking system.

See ya in LOWW ? Vienna!

VATSIM / [25.07.2014 / 17:00] Bucharest Otopeni Summer RealOps
« on: July 22, 2014, 12:11:15 PM »

Welcome you all to this year’s Summer Edition!

25.07.2014 / 17:00
Bucharest Otopeni Summer RealOps
Welcome to the Summer Edition of Bucharest RealOps 2014

RealOps Booking :

Hello pilots!
After a successful “Real Ops – Down The Danube 3″ this year, which counted over 100 movements in Bucharest, we are happy to welcome you all to this year’s Summer Edition – which we hope will be even bigger. In preparation for the event. please use the lists on this site to book a slot into and/or out of Bucharest.
The flights available simulate an evening of operations at LROP (Bucharest Otopeni “Henri Coanda” International Airport), and, to give you sufficient options, include codeshares.
Booking a slot should give you an extra level of realism, and the controllers will do their best to make sure your are on .
That being said though, pilots without booked slots are welcome to join the fun, but may experience some delays or landed on request on a nearby airport LRBS Baneasa.
Also on this edition any charter flights will be landed on the LRBS Baneasa Airport which was specialy designed in real life for this kind of flights.
So join us on Friday, 25th of July 2014, between 17z and 22z. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating together.

Group Fly-Ins / VATSCA VATRUS Shuttle 26th April from 14-19z VATRUS
« on: April 16, 2014, 09:34:18 AM »

26th April from 14-19z VATRUS together with Vatsim-Scandinavia invites you to fly between Stockholm, Helsinki and Moscow area for a good afternoon and evening flights.
This is an excellent time for you to discover two of the Nordic capitals as well as the Moscow area.
The following airports will be featured: Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA), Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK), Moscow-Domodedovo (UUDD) and Moscow-Sheremetyevo (UUEE).

See you all on Saturday 26th!

Please take time to read the pilot briefing prior the event:

Stockholm-Arlanda, ESSA
Helsinki-Vantaa, EFHK

Moscow Airports







The opening of Turkey’s grand parliament on 23rd of April 1920 has lead our lifes to sovereign nation. This important day on behalf of Ataturk is given as a gift to the children of which will save the sovereign nation.

The parliaments opening day being 23rd of April is announced being the national sovereignty and children’s holiday by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. With this action, and of bringing up the rights of children’s topic into world agenda, he has proven his love to children at the highest level.

Being the assurance of the future; raising up our children in being able to give choices alone and cope with the difficulties of life is our prime aim. With these thoughts and feelings, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk being one, we would like to reminisce our first parliament hero candidates and all those which have taken part in this national struggle with high respects.

The builder of Turkey’s republic; Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s gift to Turkish children and being the world’s only children’s holiday; 23rd of April as a result of the opening of the Turkish grand nation parliament, we will be celebrating this year’s children’s holiday as we do so each year as part of the Turkish Virtual Family.

The event has been stated at Vatsim, where foreign traffics can be parked at Turkey, and to experience a night time feast has been aimed.

Event will be on date 23rd April 2014 and between 17:00Z-21:00Z

Flights will be to Istanbul(LTBA) or from Istanbul.

Please do not forget to allow your child to listen to the voices of ATC and don’t forget to ask them for clearance.


* FS2004 LTBA Scenery :
Update 1 :
Update 2 :
2012-2013 Update(New taxiways) :

* FSX LTBA Scenery : (PAYWARE)

LTBA2009 Fix (runway and taxiway signs FIX)

LTBA Istanbul Ataturk Airport :


5.03.2014, starting at 1700z, Air Danubius would like to invite you to a Vatsim group flight BOOKING your regional and domestics company flights.

Starting from Timisoara , Clju, Sibiu, Iasi, Constanta, Chisinau and etc. airports, we would like to fly into Bucharest airspace / airport, to help with practical test of our controllers:

- Daniel Haineala want to earn officialy C1 raiting of LRBB airspace, FLY meeting from 17z-19z
- Adrian Zahoi want to earn S3 Bucharest approch raiting, FLY meeting from 19z-21z

All airline(s) pilots are requesto to join and fly during practical exams.

Route NOTAM : approve inbound flights from everywhere LROP17z

ps. romania full staf airports

Air Danubius - a virtual airline & ROvACC

Group Fly-Ins / 2.03.2013 - group flight
« on: March 02, 2014, 03:14:38 PM »
Tonight, 2.03.2014, starting at 1930z, Air Danubius would like to invite you to a Vatsim group flight.
Starting from Timisoara , we would like to fly to Budapest to help with an C1 practical test.
Flight Plans
Leg :
Air Danubius,

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