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Dear Friends from Air Danubius!
Wideroe Virtual has the pleasure to invite your pilots to perform the flights to / from ENZV Stavanger Airport

We’ve asked our colleagues from VATSIM Scandinavia to support all pilots at ENZV. There should be also provided ATC in ENBR, ENTO and ENCN.

We have a huge hope that Air Danubius pilots will support Wideroe pilots and thus will participate in the Stavanger fly-in!

More details you may find below:

Event time:

Friday, 02.12.2016

18:00 - 21:00 UTC


ENZV FSX / P3D (payware):

ENZV FSX / P3D (freeware):

ENZV FS2004:


Norway airports:

Sceneries / LRTR X v.09 beta by Stefan Panescu
« on: August 31, 2016, 03:41:51 PM »

So i found this website that add some realism and purpose to the flight. Its something similar to the Air Hauller from justflight. I made an account i created a Group Company Air Danubius and then i rented an aircraft located at Baneasa and i flown 2 passangers from Baneasa to Bacau. That brought me 36 v$ as a pilot and over 1500 v$ to Air Danubius. You can bid in paralel a charter on airdanubius website for that flight to log your flights also there .
I rented a Cessna 182 that was available there and i had to use the exact aircraft in simulator (I used the A2A Cessna 182 Skyline). I rented it dry (not wet) that meening that i should have to buy some fuel, but the fuel that aircraft allready had was enough for this 1 hour flight to transport 2 passangers.
I encourage you join this website.
If you have any issue just let me know. Its a bit complicated at the start as you must be carefull about fuel prices ground crew expenses rental prices and so on.

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